Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sound the Retreat!

Time to sound the retreat.

Why has it been almost 7 months since I last blogged?  As all four of my most regular readers well know, the reason is that Karen and I bought a house last June, and took possession and began renovating in July.  This is what we call Lectio House: a small, urban centre for spiritual direction and retreat, operating in our home.  But in order to make it livable and inviting, we've had to do some major, if largely cosmetic, alterations.  I'll probably write more (*surprised gasp*) about the whole process at more length and depth eventually - the idea of "wrighting" a house is pretty appealing - but for now I will let it be enough to say that this has absorbed almost all of my attention and energy for the last half-year, that this will likely continue for another month at least, and that this is in many ways a profoundly good thing: over the past year, Karen and I have discerned that this house is a significant part of what we are called to do together.  If recent endeavors of learning to mortise and hang doors, paint wood paneling, and lay bamboo flooring will get us there, then  it's all to the good. 

But for two days, it's time for a retreat of our own.  Our friends Peter and Cheryl Tigchelaar have graciously accommodated us at their lovely home so that we can rest tired bodies and worn-out souls.  So that soon we can start the ministry of Lectio House, officially, from a good place of restfulness.

So sound the retreat.  And then it's back to flooring, with a little grading and editing to keep things fun.

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  1. I've loved seeing the progress you all have made on the house via FB pictures…keep up the good work!